Costello is a GREEN SCHOOL! 

This program began as a grassroots initiative at Hartland High School in Livingston County in 2005. This effort resulted in Governor Jennifer Granholm signing Public Act 146 into law in May of 2006. Oakland County became involved with this program in the 2007-2008 school year, and awarded the Michigan Green School designation to 45 public and private schools during the first year. Oakland County had more schools participate than any other county in the state.

Last year in 2015-2016 Oakland Schools and Oakland County designated 166 schools a Michigan Green School. There were 32 schools that also received the special designation of Emerald status by successfully earning an additional 15 points for extra activities and 105 schools earned the Evergreen status, by receiving an extra 20 points. The awards ceremony was held at Oakland Schools on April 21, 2015.

Award Levels

The Michigan Green Schools Program encourages public and private schools to participate in environmentally friendly and energy savings activities.

A school achieving 10 of the 20 listed activities can apply to be designated a Michigan Green School.

A school achieving 15 of the listed activities can apply to be designated a Michigan Emerald School.

A school completing 20 of the listed activities can apply to be designated a Michigan Evergreen School.

Awards will be given out at the Award Ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, April 26, 2017. 

Your children practice BEING GREEN at Costello every day!

To visit the official Oakland Schools' Michigan Green Schools Progam, CLICK HERE. 

These links provide additional resources and activities to promote Green Schools and energy conservation at home and in the community. Check them out!